Prose and Khans

-This week is a little bit invigorating because everything’s a little bit of a challenge- to stay above water in all my classes and still attend rehearsals, I really have to work on everything all the time. Like last night, I stayed up until 5, doing computational discrete maths homework (which I enjoy the most of any of my classes) and listening to jazz. Next week will be nice by contrast.

-This week is lame for the same reason. No time means no time for anything fun. Gerrit said a while ago “When you’re in a play, you don’t have time to spend with friends.” I said “Unless your friends are in the play…” he said “Nope, not even then. How much time have we spent together since CoE?” Point, Gerrit. Even moreso in musicals- the cast is so big.

-Improv. Huh?!

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