Why only "most things"?

Well, my bike is missing. I think I left it outside Webster (locked to a telephone pole) Saturday… now it’s gone.

This sucks- I mean, I can just throw money at the problem and make it go away (buy another bike) but that’s irresponsible. That’s the spoiled rich kid solution- I mean, I should have just kept it inside in the first place. And gotten one of those Kryptonite U-locks, because apparently a thick cable lock isn’t good enough. And I should have registered it with Campus Police- I dunno if that’d help, but it’s better than nothing. The worst part is, it was my dad’s bike- I mean, he never used it, he won’t miss it, but still. I mean, if it doesn’t turn up, I’ll get him a new one. Throw some more money at it, it’ll go away.

At any rate, if you see a silver Raleigh bike, pretty big, mountain-bike style (thick wheels, thick frame), men’s bike (the middle bar is high, not low), let me know. Thanks.

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