File this one in the "what if..." folder of trite speculations

What if you could take the most intense minutes of your life and make them into a day? I’m saying that each minute in your life has a certain degree of intensity, sort of like if you gave each minute a value of good or bad, then take the absolute value of that number. Pick out the 1440 highest numbered minutes, and combine them into a day.

You’d probably get about 1 minute for every 20 days or so of your life. By now, just judging by time, we’re all probably up to 5 or 6 AM.

If I were God, when you die, you’d get to live that day. Which would make things even more interesting. Sometimes you’d have minutes go by, and you’d know: I’m going to see this minute again. Ever feel that way?


yincrash -

sometimes while you can be glad you experienced that intense minute, and it made you a better person, you’d never want to relive the experience again.

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