Good grief!

I see the world going totally out of control in the next couple days. Like everything looked sunny in August, and then clouds have rolled in here and there, and then it’s clear again, except they’re back now, and now they’re huge, threatening nimbus clouds. I mean, some big lightning will strike soon, and everything will go nuts. I don’t even know in what way. It’ll be some monstrous explosion of nothing. I feel like Quentin Compson from The Sound and The Fury.

I had a fantastic night, by the way. I had more energy than I’ve had for a while- I’ve felt myself more than I have for a while. I also feel proud of myself the last couple days: I went climbing, I got a new bike*, and I went to a ski club party where I knew nobody.

*I love my new bike. I revitalized it all afternoon, with help from Gerrit, as well as Noah from Free Ride. Then I paid Free Ride $35 for the parts. Plus $7 for a new tire. It worked out exactly how I wanted. And it works, and it’s solid. I feel confident riding it. I feel like I’m on a honeymoon with it, in that I want to ride it as much as I can.

Some bawdy punnery just happened. Did you catch it? I didn’t, the first time I said that phrase.

But ah! There’s some energy in the air. Or maybe just in me. The world is all racing towards something– what is it? At least I hope so. That’ll be interesting. Or it will just be more big nothing, and then what?! I want to do something great- something short-term and great! I want to share my energy with someone, or some people. What is happening?!

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