My mind, in a pie chart:

No actual pie chart. Sorry. You can envision one in your mind though.

A little wedge of it goes to world events. The whole gay priests thing, the Australian about to be executed in Singapore, something I just heard about a needle exchange program to prevent AIDS in Pittsburgh. The last one leaves me a bit conflicted- I mean, it’s great for those who have diabetes or something and need shots, but they’re not the ones getting AIDS anyway. Seems like it just enables heroin addicts. But that’s one side of the argument (specifically, the 50-year-old WASP argument) and the other side is that we need to prevent AIDS, which is true too… I have nothing innovative to add to this argument, so I’ll stop.

A bigger slice goes to Little Footsteps- everything’s actually coming together, and it’s going to work, and it’ll be good! Hooray!

Sadly, a still bigger wedge goes to classes- to get everything done, and well, I’ll have to donate a lot of time to them. Well, that’s life I guess. The weird thing is, for most of my classes, I want to do the work! I want to just geek out about cellular automata and concurrent programming and finite fields all day! But not in place of anything else. Certainly not in place of spending that time with friends, and not in place of sleep or anything that’ll make me healthier. So it waddles down at the bottom of my priority list, as usual.

Biggest chunk of the pie though: ski trip! Yeah! We’re going skiing in January, in Vermont, and it rocks a lot! I can’t wait! Yeah!

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