Why I should have brought a gavel to school first semester, and it would have been funny, but now it would not be funny anymore.

Is it just me, or has the “judging” thing gone so far as to lose its meaning entirely? I mean, this started last year with Kaitlin and marijuana, and people judging her because of it, and her responding by adopting the catch phrase “don’t judge me.” (is that right? It may have started before I was around, I don’t know.) And then some people rallied behind “don’t judge me,” and others responded by sarcastically saying “Ha ha, I judge people all the time” and laughing about it, as if to say “Of course I don’t judge people. But it’s so ridiculous that you’re branding me as a “judger” that I’ll just comically run with it.”

The point is, everyone will deny judging, and everyone will judge everyone else at some point. This is not inherently a bad thing- it’s bad when you judge people prematurely or for the wrong reasons. I guess the point is, we shouldn’t do that, which is true. Everyone agrees with that.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s getting old as a joke.

“We’re constantly creating our world by naming, categorizing, applying value judgments to things.” -not quite a quote from Foley Ah Doo, but as close as I can remember.


yincrash -

when i say i judge, i say it because it’s true. i do judge. i was the “one” that judged kaitlin. whatever. people make judgements the second they meet someone. if they didn’t, they would think of everyone exactly the same. that would be boring.

Anonymous -

First thing, your Foley-Ah-Doo quote is fairly accurate, but that whole theory came from some Literary theorist that Ram was reading at the time.

Second thing, you continue to be the voice of good sense. Judging has overstayed its welcome-time to send it packing to Motel 6.


I agree Dan. I’m tired of the judging talk that is going on. I think we’re also missing half of the problem entirely. It’s not just people judging, it’s people allowing themselves to be judged.

If I got offended at people calling me an alcoholic and saying I’m a bad person because I drink then I would say that I’m being judged. The reason I’m being judged is because I do drink.

However, if I try to actively be a good person then the judging has no merit to it and so it doesn’t even matter.

The point is, if you don’t let yourself be judged, people can’t judge you. And even if they do then what does it matter because you don’t care.

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