Add to that pie chart a big slice of study abroad!

Man, every time I look into this I get more excited. I don’t even know where I’m going yet.

So I want to go to the Alps. Is that a bad motivation? I mean, I feel like that’s like saying I want to study in Hawaii because I can go to the beach, or something. Study abroad isn’t about taking a semester-long vacation. (is it?)

But here are my arguments, so if you want to play devil’s advocate, I can play god’s advocate, and banish you back into the hell-hole from which you came!

  1. I’m not going to England or France. Everyone goes there.

  2. Ideally, I’m not going to an English-speaking place. Sorry, Australia/New Zealand. Going there would be kind of sweet, but not challenging at all. It’d be like going to Chicago or something, still kind of Americanized. I think. I could be wrong, but that’s my impression.

  3. There’s not much in Africa. There are a few programs, but I don’t think going to Africa would be relevant to my future at all, or in any other way useful.

  4. Same with Latin America. I am probably overgeneralizing here in thinking that Africa and Latin America are behind in the computer areas, but really, I can’t see myself going there.

  5. The smaller Western European countries are just very interesting. My mom went to Luxembourg and loved it, I’ve talked to some friends who have been there (“there” being “small Western European countries”) and loved them- they just sound so cool. Again, gross overgeneralization. But there it is. Switzerland in particular sounds a little bit like Utopia.

  6. Okay, so the choice is a little bit arbitrary… big deal! Wherever I go, I’d get a big new experience, so Switzerland is as good as any.

And the fact that there is awesome Alps skiing doesn’t hurt.

At first I didn’t think there was anything in Germany for a CS student like me, because I don’t want to just study humanities for a semester. I think that would be unproductive. I don’t have (or want) to be studying all CS stuff, but a little CS/math would be nice. Oh, yeah, and I don’t know German. That’s not a big deal for just surviving in Germany or Switzerland (I’m taking Beginning German), but it’s less than good if you want to take classes in German. So I need English math/CS classes in Germany.

Apparently they exist though! Somewhere! I’m looking into it more, and this might work out really well! I’ll keep you posted.


Brian -

1. They speak English in Singapore. It’s much different from Chicago. It’s pretty Western, but still completely different. I don’t want to dissuade you, just make a point.

2. Study Abroad = roxor. I don’t think it really matters where. Don’t feel like people will judge Switzerland. You have the chance to go anywhere in the world. Take your pick.

3. Switzerland = r0x0r. Yeah, the political system is sweet, the view is nice, and oh them chocolates.

Anonymous -

If you want a challenge, try china. Tee Hee! The again, that might make you miss american food after a week of chinese.

Adam Atkinson -

Dan Tasse! Sorry that this a comment on an old post, but I can’t believe you would say that a needle exchange program enables heroine addicts. That’s about as intelligent as saying SoHo’s condom distribution promotes sex. If these people are exchanging needles, they are obviously going to shoot up. It’s just that now they are going to shoot up without getting AIDS. Without the program, I can guarantee you that the threat of AIDS wouldn’t stop them. And believing that such a program shouldn’t exist for this reason is akin to saying it’s okay if heroine addicts get AIDS.

Anyway. I still love you. But jeez!

mwah, atom

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