I’m sitting in the fucking cluster right now. It’s Saturday night. Here I am. I am 2/5 of the way through an assignment, have made no progress in the last two hours, and see little hope of making any further progress. This assignment is so ridiculous that all the TA’s have stopped giving office hours because they’re just too drained. I’m sitting at this goddamn computer in the Unix cluster, because the banter of a few CS trolls is quieter than the banter of a couple of guys in the Windows cluster talking about how much or how little money they have. A side effect is that I’m sitting at this goofy-ass Unix computer that has such cute quirks as:
-backspace and delete are switched
-getting a decent text editor is a lot harder than it should be
-you can’t open acrobat files in a browser- you have to download and open them through typing “acroread” on the command line
-oh yeah, and when I click the middle mouse button, it takes me to What?!

I’d really like to go have fun somewhere, doing something, it doesn’t even matter. Or even, I wish I could do this assignment at home, on my own computer, but due to AFS and etc, that doesn’t work. Oh well, that’s life I guess.


Brian -

wow. i’m sorry this comes so late, but i am quite surprised you can do anything on a cluster computer you can’t do from home. if ssh isn’t enough, use x11 or x-win or whatever it’s called (available on myandrew). it is basically like remote desktop for unix. so there you are at home, looking at the screen of one of the andrew servers. in the words of a delicious stew, booyah!

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