One of my friends didn't take a computer back to school with him

I mean, he had a computer, he just didn’t take it with him. He says he gained so much free time, because he doesn’t waste time mucking around on it, and he loves it. Granted, he’s more hardcore than I, but it’s an interesting idea. The problem is my damn major, and if I didn’t have a computer, I’d have to be in the cluster a lot more. That’s not too good. Point is, it’s a neat idea.

In other news, I had a great Christmas, and I’m sure you all did too- if you didn’t, and I ask you “how was your Christmas?” as I’m sure I’ll do when I get back- I’m not very creative- I expect you to tell me that it wasn’t too good. Really, I care, I’m not just making small talk. And if I am just making small talk, then slap me or something, because small talk is for suckas.

What if I made better small talk? What if, instead of “Hey, how’s it going?” it was “Hey. If you couldn’t be your current religion (or lack thereof), what would you be?” or “Hey, what’s your favorite city that you’ve ever visited?” or “Hey. Would you rather know that you screwed up something huge in your life and you could have done better, or that you were just mucked in the first place?” or “Hey, who’s the second-last person that you’ve talked to?” or “Hey. Arms or kicker?”

It’s another neat idea. Might throw some people off. Might make life a bit more interesting. Might make me bizarre and intolerable. If so, I’ll quit.


Anonymous -

ok. so did we determine that the kicker took breaks when you were like sleeping, peeing, etc? because that makes a lot of difference…

i lost the game.


Dan -

Yeah… I downgraded the kicker to 8 hours a day. And you choose which 8 hours. Like you have a little remote control, you can turn it on and summon the kicker and the timer will start, etc.

Makes it a little more fair, I think.

What was the name of that obnoxious guy at Cedar Point who was the ride operator for the Cedar Downs carousel? I remember having him yelling at you constantly might have been another alternative.

Dan -

Nathaniel. Arms, kicker, or Nathaniel? The trick here is that you cannot go deaf and Nathaniel never takes a break.

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