Dreams or nightmares?

No, seriously. Some people like nightmares better because then you wake up and they’re over, and life is so much easier/nicer by comparison.

Today I had a dream that was so great, that after I woke up, after the initial shock, I was furious at my subconscious. If you’re a subconscious mind, you don’t let someone dream a dream that good and then immediately wake up! You just don’t!

All the same, I vote dreams. You don’t gain anything by having a bad experience and then realizing it was all a dream. And it’s nice while it lasts.

In real news, we had a ski trip, and it was sublime. I really enjoyed Killington, there were few crowds, we got to ski all 21 hours that we planned to ski, the weather was as good as it could have been without snowing (the snow was a bit rough. god damn, life is such a tragedy, isn’t it?), and the company was excellent. I mean Beej, Mike, Rob, Erika, and Jared, not the company that owns Killington, although they weren’t bad either.

I felt so healthy. It was great. There’s something very satisfying about skiing like hell as long as you possibly can, then collapsing, eating a bunch, sleeping a bunch, and doing it all the next day. We cooked our own food because we are too sweet to let the restaurants devour all of our money. We made the trip in under $350 each, all things included. I took a lesson, I think I learned a bunch, Jared and I skied the whole mountain, I felt really confident on my skis. I feel like I’ve done something pretty good already this year, and it’s only January 7.

New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like there’s nothing wrong with these. In Fight Club, I think the narrator makes a comment like “Self-improvement is masturbation. Self-destruction is where it’s at.” Couldn’t be farther from the truth, in my mind. So New Year’s Resolutions are good.

Mine may be posted soon. But my first one will be something to the effect of “cut the crap.” I don’t need to check my email every 15 minutes, I don’t need to eat Frosted Mini-Wheats just because I’m bored, I don’t need to force myself to do something that I don’t want to do, need to do, or have anything to gain by doing. Quitting Lambda Sigma was a step in the right direction; removing the links on this blog so I don’t check them every day was another good one (although I’ll still check them every so often- it’s good to know what people are thinking, or at least what they want me to think they’re thinking); deleting all computer games on this machine will be too. I want to pare my life down to the essentials, and at the same time, improve myself to make myself and others around me happier. Maybe more about this later too.

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