Ever write more than $6600 of checks in a single day?

I just did! Paid my parents back for the ski trip and sent a bunch of money to be deposited in a Roth IRA and a mutual funds account. What?! I thought I had to, uh, have a job to do that, or something. I can see my 5-bedroom suburban house, luxury SUV, and plasma TV now. Well hey, it beats sitting in a bank. Actually, it’s kind of great. Putting money in a retirement account (I can also withdraw the money if I want to buy a house) is about the most badass thing I can be doing, I think. And if you disagree, we can fight, and you can beat me up, but then when I retire, I’ll use my millions to shoot an inter-continental ballistic missile at your house. Even if you live in the US.

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