More Cooking!

Tonight: another bag of vegetables, a batch of whole wheat bread, and some chicken curry. Damn. Doesn’t sound like so much, but it took a long time! It’s the baking that does it; baking is difficult. Especially when you don’t have an electric mixer.

Cooking: another arbitrary system of goals that I set up for myself. And it feels good when I complete them. Complete happiness, costing only a couple hours and the price of groceries.

Also note: the Indian grocery store (Kohl’s) on Craig Street ROCKS A LOT. You can get spices there (granted, not all spices; but everything Indian, such as cumin and cilantro, which I needed today) for a lot cheaper than Giant Eagle. Giant Eagle = what a ripoff. Also, they have some fresh hot things like Samosas (a fried thing with potato-pea mash inside) which are evidently really good! Check the place out, it rocks a little more than Seoul Mart.

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