My adventures with the 12 hour flu

1:30pm- Wake up, feeling pretty good.
2:00pm- Eat some eggs and pancakes, suspect that I ate too much
2:30pm- Lying on the couch, stomach hurts
3:30pm- Cold. Climb into bed.
4:00pm- Really cold! Wearing a fleece, jeans, and socks. Fitfully falling in and out of sleep.
6:00pm- Hot! Now wearing T-shirt and shorts. Still sort of in and out of consciousness.
9:30pm- Wake up, take temperature, it’s 102.3. Take some Tylenol.
11:00pm- Wake up, feeling a bit better, read a bit, back to sleep.
7:00am- Wake up. Back to sleep.
2:00pm- Wake up. Feel fine, no fever.

So there you go, nothing that an astronomical amount of sleep won’t fix. It was almost kind of funny- of all times in the last 2 years to get sick, this was the single best one. Hell, I had nothing better to do. Might as well get sick for a day. At any rate, I think I’m all better now.


Brian -

My adventures with the 96 hour flu:

My family keeps asking me if anyone else on the ski trip was sick. But considering I was vomitting for a full 24 hours and have had several other miserable flu-like symptoms since, I am guessing we got a different bug.

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