My culinary output tonight was extensive

Okay, so I made 4 bagels, a batch of tabbouleh, a bag of vegetables, and a bunch of roasted garlic. Not really that extensive. Unless you consider that bagels evidently take two and a half hours (half hour to make/knead the dough, half hour to rise, half hour to rise again, few minutes to boil, half hour to cook, plus the “magic of cooking” makes everything take longer)

Man, my output today as a human was extensive:
- went to 4 classes, enjoyed 2 of them (business and german) and paid attention well in all 4 (incl. programming and AI)
- enjoyed the gyros and grape leaves from the trucks. You can get grape leaves for 25c each! What a deal! And so delicious!
- made a “table” for NPP w/ Grubb
- went to the whole darn activities fair, mostly pushing NPP
- lifted weights
- went to music staff at WRCT (labeled new CDs for a couple hours)
- came home and cooked all of the aforementioned items.

I feel like I justified my existence today. Rock on!

edit: the bagels are complete. they are four. they are really big, and they are delicious. time well spent, I say.
also, this

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