Go Steelers... 'nat

Rock on. They won the Super Bowl. Way to go, dudes.

The NFL is completely arbitrary. A few guys (supposedly the best in the world, but where’s the guarantee of that?) play some football, win something like 16 games, and then we all go nuts! Yeahhh!

Yeah, it’s arbitrary. But still, it’s a system of goals and rewards in which a whole city can unite behind a common cause- two complete strangers are on the street, and they could easily just greet each other and say “Go Steelers!” and start talking football, and hey, they’re friends. We win the Super Bowl, and the whole Oakland area and two whole colleges go hang around out in the street. Sixty guys (or however many) are instantly turned into heroes. Hey, it’s great.


yincrash -

It can’t be any more ridiculous than waiting in the cold for 6 hours in the dark waiting for a fat groundhog to see his shadow.

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