I guess consumerism's evil, but it makes me feel great

One hat- I found a hat! It’s great! It’s made by a company called “Country Gentleman.” Half wool- better than nothing. It only cost $7, so its dapper to dollars ratio is abour 5.5. (It has 38.5 dapper.)

Tkemaly sauce and Finn Crisps- from the “Ethnic Foods” store on Murray on the way to the Waterfront. Nice.

Whole wheat couscous and a packet of some weird protein shake drink that scares me a little bit- from the natural foods (read: a few organic things and a LOT of unnecessary supplements) store. Nice? Well, I do enjoy couscous.

A LOT OF GREAT FOOD from the GIANT EAGLE ON CENTER AND NAGLEY- which is GREAT, especially compared to the Ghetto Giant Eagle, which is now closed. It looks like a whole foods. They have a fish counter and everything. They sell whole wheat pasta. I’m used to this noise in the suburbs- it’s not supposed to be that nice here!

Rock! Cooked me some tofu and spinach, which was very tasty. Got in a lot of bike riding. … and now it’s 10:00. Well, whatever. This is how life should be.


Brian -

i told you it’s now like the best geagle shy of the WF. this is a pointless comment.

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