Still living!

I’ve been thinking about deleting this. If I have to post just to post, then the blog is becoming another burden on my time, and has outlived its purpose. I’ll try to make an interesting post by plotting my day on a verbal line graph.

Morning: Pretty low. I was able to convince myself that I wasn’t tired, even though I got like 6 hours of sleep, because of a 2-hour nap yesterday. You get the most deep sleep in the first couple hours of any sleep, so 2 great hours + 6 great hours = better than a normal 8 hour sleep. I think I had a Cafe Tasse (check this out: warm milk + instant coffee = crazy delicious!)

Mid-morning: stared at a damn computer for 3 hours. I was broken. Defeated. I was going to be late on another assignment, continuing the snowball effect that is my, and everyone else here’s, life. And in doing so, I would resign myself to working instead of improving myself, toiling away on soon-forgotten homeworks instead of relishing the joy of my ever-waning youth. Tried to listen to music, but everything annoyed me. Tried not listening to music, but the teacher teaching some class about Excel annoyed me. Left a little early, just before getting part 1 of a 4-part assignment.

1:00: went to Entropy to get a snack and coffee. Ran into Bill, who is a year above me, whom I’ve known since high school, who hooked me up with recommendations to Hyland last year and Microsoft this year. He’s really good at CS. Talked about jobs and classes, as usual, a pretty low-level conversation, but got me energized anyway. Hey, by the way, if I ever take a job where I just sit at a computer all day, come slap some sense in to me. Talking to people makes me feel good… programming doesn’t.

After class: Bike Time! Hopped on Fifth and went as far as I could, or until I hit Frankstown road, which is when I started getting into Larimer or whatever that area is. Went North to Highland Park, came back via Negley, and went grocery shopping. I was a hero. Screw the homework, I was riding my bike, and life was great. And then I was grocery shopping, and life was still great.

Oh my geez… I was going to continue but I realized this was a “here’s what happened today” kind of post, which is lame, so I’m quitting. When something else happens, I’ll let you know.

Oh, PS. I got my assignment done.
PPS. I got cut from Microsoft too. They don’t want me- whatever. I’m not entirely sure I wanted them. Hey, maybe I can work here in Pittsburgh over the summer!
PPPS. I’m writing for the Carnegie Pulse now too.


Catherine -

i think you should still post every once in a while even if it is just boring day-to-day crap. if nothing else, it gives people like me (and stalkers) something to read when we are bored. and i like hearing what is going on back in pgh now that i’m not there. so don’t stop posting!

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