Tonight was great:

- laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a long long time. We played Sardines in our apartment. Grubb hid under Joe’s mattress. It was ri-god-damn-diculous.

- more importantly, did some great (note the bold font) improv. the show was pretty good, it had its high points, but afterwards we just did some scenes- me, beej, julie, will, and tom pike. we’d do a scene and talk about it a lot. it was fantastic. the sort of thing that, if you weren’t there, me telling you about it doesn’t really help you much. but, as this blog is as much for me remembering stuff later as it is for throwing up my thoughts for the whole world to see, i want to make a note of it.


AliceAyres -

Okay, THAT sounds awesome. I haven’t played Sardines in YEARS. Why don’t i get to hang out with you freaks and weirdos anymore?

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