A Bag of Rocks and a Basket of Rolls

That’s what my radio show was supposed to be called this semester. Instead, they entered it into the database as “I will tell you the names of the songs that I play,” just like last semester. Whatever, that’s a fine name too.

Speaking of which, give it a listen, Mondays 10AM-noon. WRCT 88.3fm, or here.

But the point is: recent musical preferences!

First on the list must be Portishead. They’re something else. I guess they’re considered charter members of the “trip-hop” genre, whatever that means- anyway, it’s moody and dark but at the same time sweet. (I actually mean “sweet”, not “sweet” as in “cool”) Check out their debut CD, Dummy.

Second: Architecture in Helsinki again. I may actually go ahead and buy their first CD, Fingers Crossed, because In Case We Die is still moving up the ranks of my Top N CD’s ever. I dunno, it might even be #2. Anyway, speaking of sweet, this music has the perfect degree of sweetness. Just enough to be “aww…” without being cloying (which is tough, because it’s a fine line).

Next is Jimi Hendrix, who is clearly a hero.

Oh! Bitter Tea by the Fiery Furnaces. Nope, it’s not the next Blueberry Boat, but it’s pretty good. My only complaint is that a few tracks are just kind of boring. Some I really like though- “Bitter Tea” is nice Blueberry Boat-style madness, “Oh Sweet Woods” is groovy, and “Police Sweater Blood Vow” is, to overuse a term, sweet.

And if you want a blast from your ska past, check out Keasby Nights by Catch 22. I recently found a CD from another band, basically covering this CD, but not giving any credit to Catch 22. What bags. Go download/buy the original, it’s my favorite ska CD. (out of all 5 that I know)

Quick blips: Sung Tongs by Animal Collective is cool, but then there are a couple of really long songs that I just end up getting bored by. I do like Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by the Arctic Monkeys, despite it being the most popular CD in the world and really not that extraordinary, because it sort of rocks. And have I plugged Oh You’re So Silent Jens by Jens Lekman yet? Because if I haven’t, I should. It’s great.

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