Three Thoughts:

1. Towards the end of high school, I compiled a list of “things never to forget about these four years of my life.” It exists on one fragile sheet of notebook paper tucked into one of my old yearbooks. I should start doing the same for college.

2. To be fair, my music collection does a lot of that for me. If I’ve doubted the merit of being a DJ and keeping up with the latest music, if I’ve degraded my musical knowledge because, hell, it’s just pop music, I shouldn’t. Maybe it is just pop music (I’m using “pop” here in the sense of “indie/indie pop” I guess) but I like it, and it brings back memories more intensely than a photo album.

3. I actually flicked someone off today on my bike. I was biking along, obeying all traffic laws, minding my own business (and remember, the biker has the right of way!), and he honked at me, so I held out my middle finger, loud and clear, for him to see in his rearview mirror. I’m a little disappointed in myself. Any dumbass can road rage.

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