I’m done with malloc. For those of you who haven’t taken 15-213, it’s the toughest (of 7) homework assignments in the course. It took me pretty much all the time I wasn’t doing anythign else this week (and a lot of the time I was doing something else, like PERFORMING A SHOW!) I don’t want to sound melodramatic- a lot of that time was used just because I’m kind of dumb sometimes, and I’m not very good at programming.

That being said, I apologize twice:
1. First, for being such a goddamn nerd. It was goofy: I was sitting backstage with my friggin' laptop, even during carnival. That’s not cool. Even taking into account that it had to be done, it’s still not good. I have little tolerance for people who uphold the CS major stereotype, and, I’m afraid that this week I may have done just that.

2. (and more importantly) to the couple of people I snapped at while I was frustrated by this assignment. I realize you meant well by asking “how’s the assignment going?” or whatever, and I had no right to give you the sarcastic answers I may have given you. Sorry about that.

But enough computing! It’s carnival, and I’m going to go enjoy it for whatever time I have left!

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