I feel like I'm disabled.

I need 9 hours of sleep to function properly. And probably an hour dedicated to exercise. That’s 10 hours. Even discounting ridiculous people, I’d say the average student here gets 7 hours of sleep. Where are those 3 hours a day going?

Am I happy here? How can I be? I don’t even have time to worry about searching for some great HAPPINESS if I’m sludging through my average day in a torpor, unenthusiastic and exhausted, looking forward to the next time I can sleep so I can feel relatively normal again? It’s as if I’m swimming underwater: I can breathe every so often, when I spend $1 at Entropy for a cup of coffee, or on the rare day that I manage to sleep in. What’s wrong with me? And those of you who deal with less sleep, how do you do it?!


Brian -

I feel the same thing sometimes. I almost told Gerrit I couldn’t be in the show Friday because I had trouble pulling my body upstairs.

I think the way to deal with less sleep is to get less sleep. There’s a transition period that is miserable, but if you’re forced to continually get an hour less sleep than you are used to, eventually you’ll get used to it.

Which is why I think my mom is able to function on 5 hours a night.

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