If there is a heaven, and if I make it there,

I will probably not last very long because I will keep going down hills, and eventually plop right back down on Earth.

I realized the other day that my happiest moments alone are almost invariably spent going down hills. Be it skiing or biking. (or even rollercoasting) I will probably like skydiving a ridiculous amount.

How do you convince the parents that skydiving is not dangerous? I mean, I could just go, and not tell them, but that’s not the way my family works. Ultimately, I probably wouldn’t go without their consent.

Speaking of families, “Thank You For Smoking” is a pretty great movie. It was the first movie I’ve seen in a while that I wished would keep going when it ended.

And I’m really psyched about the summer. Wish me luck on the PSLC internship; even though I haven’t met anyone there or seen their offices, I bet it’d be the most fun. Or the CTAT. I got the RADAR job, but it seems a little depressing, a little too code-monkey. At any rate, I’ll be in the ‘burgh for sure, so sweet!


Anonymous -

Yeah! I just saw Thank You for Smoking today! It was awesome!

Congrats on the job

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