I like Indian and Greek food a lot.

India Garden is very good. If you want to go to the lunch buffet there anytime this week, give me a call.

Or, if you’d rather try the Greek Food Fest this week, that’s very good too. I got some sort of meatballs (“Souvakakia”? not Souvlaki, that’s different), and Moussaka (which is GREAT) and something called “Green Beans and Zucchini Yhannia” maybe? Plus grape leaves. Mmm. Oh yeah, and then we went to the pastry table and said “I’d like one of everything.” The winners were, in my opinion, some kind of cake that started with a K and had nutmeg in it, as well as “Kataife”?, which looked like Shredded Wheat with nuts in the middle and drenched in honey. Really great.

And I think I’d like Brazilian food a lot too. Anyone want to go to Green Forest? Or is that too much great food for a week?

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