Good news

My grandpa’s doing a lot better. He’s home, he’s walking around a little bit- my mom (who is down there now) says that in a week, when he puts on a hat, he’ll look pretty normal.

Speaking of “in a week”, I’m going down there in a week. Rock! I’ll be gone Friday (6/30) at like 3 PM to Tuesday (7/4) at like 9 PM. It’ll be great to see them again. And, as a bonus, I’ll get to see my Uncle Jim and Aunt Conny before they jet off to Australia and New Zealand.

I love flying! I was considering taking an 8-hour flight from Tampa to Pittsburgh just so I could have a 3.5 hour layover in New York. But then I found out JFK airport is like 30-45 minutes away, so I probably wouldn’t be able to see anything without sweating out the safety margins. I guess it’d be different if I weren’t going to New York in a month and a half. Wheeee!

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