I don’t use capital letters much, but look at this!
Where the hell is Matt?

In other news, I have not too much to say. Wait, yes I do. I’m ME, I always love to spout what’s on my mind! Went to Ohiopyle with my family last weekend. Father’s Day. It was nice. Nice is a good word for it, because it was bourgeois. The kind of “hike for a mile, then stop for ice cream” kind of trip that my parents love and that bugs me for no good reason (look, if it makes my family happy, then quit whining, right?)

I’ve had this argument with myself before, and it always ends up with me being petty and immature. The solution is to just grin and bear it, and travel on my own. Hello, spring 2007!

Umm… in serious news, Gramp is doing worse. The other day it was looking like he might not even come home (from the hospital, where he has some kind of complications from chemotherapy in his lung). Now, it looks like he might, but it’s looking like a question of “how long”, not “if.” I may fly down there soon. I’m not going to avoid mentioning the word “death” like it’s some taboo (which, in our society it is); in Gramp’s own words, “whatever happens, will.” So I realize he might die, which is kind of unfair (he was pretty healthy, exercised regularly, kept active, etc) but what can you do? It’s a part of life. I’ll keep you posted, loyal blog readers, but I’ll be straightforward with it; don’t mistake that for being disrespectful.

Enough of this, I’m going to play some guitar. Better get in all the practice I can before my enjoyment of it wears thin in a week, just like everything else I ever start. But I’ll leave you with a happy thought: Man, if that guy can travel the world, well, it gives me hope.


AliceAyres -

I don’t know why, but that video gave me such a profound sense of joy and a feeling of satisfaction that he’s actually taking advantage of his life. Thanks for showing it. It made my whole day.

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