I'm excited about the future

I can’t wait for:
PA Culinary Institute open house on Saturday
Maryland next weekend?
Kuyahoga the Thursday after that
New York the next day
Dartmouth immediately after that
A week at home
A week back here for TA training (aka very little work, right?)
(a semester back in school here… ehh whatever)
and a semester overseas.

Some say that you shouldn’t live in the future; that you should make the most of every moment in the present. I might not be doing that as well as I should at this point. The future is so exciting, though. There’s a bit in the Tao of Pooh about how the best part of eating honey isn’t actually eating honey. It’s the part right before you eat the honey. That’s what these next two weeks feel like.


Germit -

If you’re interested in reading another book like the Tao of Pooh, I have one called Voluntary Simplicity that I just finished. It sometimes reads like a green-party manifesto, but always reels it back in.

And it’s a quick read, too.

zph -

So you’re going to the thing at Kuyahoga? I never heard anything about it after your initial dotwhatever post and I assumed you weren’t going.

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