Post coming soon

It’s been quite the weekend. I’m still trying to fit it all into my head, and figure out how best to put it on paper.
It sort of made me ask myself, Where does that highway go to?
And then I asked myself, Am I right? Am I wrong?
And then I asked myself, My god!…what have I done?

Okay, so that turned into quoting “Once in a Lifetime,” which continues to surprise me with how good it is. The whole CD, “Remain in Light,” is fantastic! Wow! Been a while since I found a CD to gush about. Well, besides Belle and Sebastian’s “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” and the Boards of Canada’s “In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country”, but you already knew that about the first one and the second one is just an EP.

But next time, less rock, more talk! Stay tuned, faithful readers!

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