Seeking restaurants

Hey, I’m the restaurant reviewer for the Carnegie Pulse. How about that! Check out my masterworks at The Carnegie Pulse.

The problem is, I need to know some more places to review. They need to be either new or otherwise unusual. For example, I can’t review Fuel and Fuddle. (“It was good. It was half price. It was crowded. I wish I could drink beer, because they have quite a selection.")

I’ve reviewed Chipotle, the Green Mango Noodle Hut, and Little Asia- they don’t have to be gourmet establishments. In fact, as much as I’d love to review gourmet establishments, I think that Carnegie Pulse readers would rather know about places they can actually go to more than once a year: places that are relatively nearby and relatively cheap.

So, all that said, I think my next target is the Silk Elephant in Squirrel Hill. It’s relatively new. After that, I don’t know. Let me know if you have any ideas! (particularly non-Asian places, because that’s 3 in a row. But let me know Asian suggestions too.) And if you’d like to come along, let me know that too!


AliceAyres -

La Fiesta (which I loathe, but some people really like)
Oriental Express (on Forbes next to Starbucks)
Prince of India (also on Forbes near Pitt)
Mad Mex (if it still serves to underagers)
Spice Island (I know it’s Asian, but it’s worth it)
Gullifty’s (never been)
Primanti’s (overhyped)
The O (might be a funny review)

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