Speaking of a great concert:

Tally Hall is The Best.

Wow. They usually play “Good Day” to start the show- this time, they opened with the video to “Good Day” shown on a projector screen, then came out and played Freebird. The whole thing. It was so funny! The best part is, half their crowd is about 16 years old, so they didn’t get it at all!

Halfway through the show, they decided to come out into the audience, so they waded through us to the back of the room, where they sat up on this ledge and played “Be Born” and “Spring and a Storm” (in the running for the best song ever) using acoustic guitars, bongos, and some weird accordioney thing. Oh yeah, then they played “Down by the Bay.” You know, that song you sang in preschool. (“Did you ever see a ____, line that rhymes with _____, down by the bay?")

They are so good! If you are an indie record label, sign them now, because you’ll make a whole lot of money when one of the big five steals them.


Ram -

The weird accordiony thing was called a melodica. It works like an accordion or harmonica, in that there’s a metal reed for each note, but you saw how it worked – you blow through it and play it like a piano.


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