According to Hendrix, it's a frustrated mess

If I had to pick one psychological disorder that I’m most likely to have, I think it’d be manic depression. And what does it take to get me on a manic kick? Apparently a Networks project will do it. Wow. Thursday, I was just on fire all day. A few times in the last couple days, I’ve just realized that I’m actually Enjoying a Moment (which seems to be the essence of how to live your life well, period). Thursday I was bicycling outside, it was windy, I was stupid-cold, and it felt great! There were leaves flailing around, Sly and the Family Stone blasting into my ears, I was wearing a nifty new t-shirt (from NPP, incidentally), and it was all fine! Plus, while I’ve been coding, except for the last few hours when I realized that I wasn’t going to get it done, and that it would interfere with something else I wanted to do, it’s been great.

But I don’t like Networks overall. What’s the deal? I think it’s just that there’s a project that I can make continuous progress on, that I really want to get done. Also, I want to control it and really take charge, so I know it’s all The Best. All the same, I didn’t cook all week until today because I was so busy with that noise, and as a result, my ground beef went bad. Nuts. But I did cook some meatballs (with other meat, don’t worry!) with a brown sauce (still tricky to make a roux) as well as some potato pancakes and applesauce. With a bunch of help from Julie. Thanks!

Saw another great concert tonight! The Fiery Furnaces opened up with most of their Bitter Tea album in one big medley. Then they played some other songs. As usual, it was unlike their albums, and also unlike the other show I’ve seen them play. I can’t even say why I like them so much, but I really enjoyed it. Which is unusual for me and concerts. I think maybe one reason I like them so much is that it’s something to like a lot- it’s kind of arbitrary (sort of like skiing). I just decide I’m going to really love this band, and then as a result, I do. But really, what’s the difference? If I think their albums are genius, but they get a 60-something on Metacritic, who cares?

If it’s good to do something useless but do it really well (some would say that’s the definition of art) (“some” would be “me”) (maybe), then it’s also good to like something for no reason but like it a lot. If you think about it more and then decide you don’t really like it, you lose!

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