Airplane tomorrow!


I still get a little bit giddy every time I get to fly on an airplane. Tomorrow I’m going to Florida (at 9:30AM!) to visit my grandparents. Rock! My seat is 5D. That’s like the second best seat on the plane! (front, aisle)

Also, I am The Luckiest. Within the next two months, I will be flying to Florida (again), Colorado (maybe, hopefully…), Seattle (?! Wouldn’t that be awesome! Microsoft!), and EUROPE! Yeah! Maybe Zurich. What have I done to deserve this? (Well, I’ll tell you: paved my own path into the study abroad world, interviewed well with MS, and most of all, worked and made money. However, what have I done to deserve not having to pay that money right back into CMU? I think that’s a better question.)

But let’s not play the “I’m not worthy” game, because that’s not the point! You can thank those that put you in this position without grovelling. You can accept great turns of events, just as long as you are willing to accept the not-so-great as well.

I hope I never get tired of flying.


Anonymous -

Where in Florida? I’m going to be there over Christmas too.

Dan -

Um… The Villages? (AKA world’s largest retirement community) You anywhere near there?

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