Pro sports and cons

Hey! I went to a Cleveland Cavaliers game tonight. Let me first say that it was delightful. We met one of my dad’s clients (who was treating us) and went to the Hyde Park Grille for a burger. Not the first thing that would have popped into my mind when someone said “let’s grab a burger before the game,” but the burgers cost $10 anyway, which is about what you’d pay for a burger at Fuddruckers…

Supposedly it was a Kobe beef burger with Gruyere… which sounds to me like a maraca filled with diamonds. When you’re massaging your cows and feeding them beer, why put their meat through a grinder? I couldn’t tell the difference, really. (note that I am not a supertaster.)
If our country had reasonable alcohol laws, I might not have felt so out of it while they ordered cocktails and I ordered a diet coke. (with a side order of cancer!)

Another question: What do you order if you’re not ordering beer or wine? I may need to know this at some point in the future. The only thing I know that’s reasonable is a gin and tonic, because that’s what my dad drinks. Martinis? Rum/Jack and coke? A white Russian? (<– clearly the best drink I have come across) Will these things get me laughed or sneered at? I appreciate any advice you might have, and you can make it as longwinded and condescending as you want. I’m swallowing my pride now, so that I can avoid having to swallow it later as everyone else orders something dignified and I order a Fire and Ice. ("…the forces of good BAND TOGETHER to route the hosts of chaos")
Note also that that should probably be “rout” the forces of chaos. Unless, you know, they’re kinda telling the chaotic forces where to go.

Foodly and drinkly matters aside, the game was a blast too. I mean “blast” in that “good quality time with your father experience” sort of sense. It was a little awkward because the clients were there, and dad had to talk business with them a bit, but all in all, all went well, LeBron dazzled, Donyell Marshall chipped in 7 3’s, and we won big.

And I once again confronted the Pavlovian spectacle that is a professional sporting event. Part of me is really repulsed by it all. You know, “Fans! Up on your feet and make some noise! It’s time for the Taco Bell ball toss!” and then they would toss crummy little plastic balls out into the audience. But another part of me says that it’s the same as anything else: it gives people an outlet to get excited. I’m all for spontaneous excitement- if you see a leaf on the sidewalk that makes you go nuts, and you start cheering and making a big deal out of that leaf, good for you! Or say you win a dollar in the lottery, and you make a big deal out of it and spend the dollar on Pez candy and ceremoniously dole them out to your friends… rock on! So what’s wrong with sports? Well, nothing, I guess!

Besides, it was a lot of fun in high school.

But then, there’s Beej’s idea: nobody over 30 who really likes what he/she does for a living is really into pro sports at all. (I can’t confront my dad with this hypothesis, because he doesn’t, and is, and I don’t really need to remind him…) It seems kinda true. Why is that? Is it just because there’s less Quality in pro sports than in other pursuits that super-fulfilled-people like to pursue?

Speaking of Quality, I just bought(/received for Christmas) this coat. It’s awesome. Mountain Hardwear is (supposedly) The Best. I mean, Everest climbers wear Mountain Hardwear stuff. It’s what all the preppy suburban North Face wearers should have bought. Also, it’s waterproof (Gore-tex style), has a removable liner, is lightweight, offers lots of movement, has a zip-away hood and a powder skirt, nice pockets … and is apparently a women’s coat? Um, I think this is it, and I know it’s called the “Descent Trifecta,” and I couldn’t find that name under men’s stuff. Huh. Well, whatever! I fell in love with it at second sight. And I got it for a little over $200 (end of year overstock). It will last me a long time, including all through Europe. If you’re ever on the west side of Cleveland, stop in here. It’s The Best.

Next up: I will buy this backpack. It, too, will be The Best. I hope.

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