I like this city!

I’m in Maastricht now. It’s very nice! It is sort of the way I think a city should be: everything pretty close together, a few ancient cathedrals and town squares, lots of restaurants and bars and cafes, and few cars. This is the initial stage of coming to a new place, the sort of euphoria, I guess, which is a great thrill.

However, as much of an upper as that is, here’s a downer: I’m pretty sick. Stomach problems yesterday, and now I just feel kinda weak and cold. Actually getting sick (beyond just a cold) is pretty much a bummer. Especially when you’re in a new place, you don’t actually know anyone, and you’re sort of stuck with laying in your bed all day while everyone else is having fun and doing orientation things.

And tomorrow everyone’s going to Brussels and Paris! I can’t believe it! They have a (expenses-already-paid) trip to those two fantastic cities planned for us, Thursday to Saturday, and I’m going to be sitting at home, sick and bored. Unless I get real much better overnight, which would be quite nice. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective, and it’s sort of easy because all I have to do is go lie down and then I feel great, but it’s tough because everyone is going to Paris and Brussels tomorrow!

So it goes.


Anonymous -

Maastricht is what MS Word auto correct tries to change my last name to!

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