A couple things about this past week that I didn't mention yet:

1. Korfball. This video explains it all, I guess. I looked at the sports that they offered, and Korfball is the only one I hadn’t heard of, so I went to their practice. There were about 15 Korfballers there, and they were all suitably confused as to why I would be there. You know, cuz, um, well, you know. Then we started practicing and they’d keep saying things in Dutch and some of the other players would try to interpret for me and it was a little confusing but it mostly worked out. It’s a kind of fun sport: like basketball without the dribbling or the backboard, or like team handball except you have a basket instead of a goal. And sometimes they make goofy underhand shots or some nonsense. They seemed like a fun bunch, though.

Note that Korfball is mainly Dutch, but saying that the Dutch like Korfball is like saying that kids like playing with yo-yos: some do, but most think it’s dumb. Likewise, saying that the Belgians like Korfball is like saying that blind kids like playing with yo-yos: they’re just not very good. And saying that any other country likes Korfball is like saying that kids like playing with manila envelopes: false. There was one guy who made a living off Korfball, but he had to quit because he had to play like 40 hours a week.

2. I rode my bike to a castle the other day. This castle. Okay, so it’s not Neuschwanstein, but wow! It was in Belgium; I rode my bike to another country. I love this continent!

3. Carnaval started today/yesterday. I promptly ate so much fried food and drank such a hodgepodge of rather stern drinks that my stomach was killing me all night. God has blessed me with many things; a cast-iron stomach is not among them. I’m also not the smartest guy in the world. But it’s very neat! Streets full of revelers = happy me.


Anonymous -

I actually sort of liked manila envelopes when I was younger–especially the ones with the little metal clasps that you can do and undo over and over. Someday I’ll get my official autism diagnosis.


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