I want to write down this list of places I particularly want to visit so that I don’t forget it and so that I can prioritize.

- Switzerland. I’m thinking Verbier or Zermatt. Maybe only one more trip, due to time and money constraints. Maybe go to Geneva for a day on the way or something, to see some non-resort Switzerland.
- Sevilla. Spain has been rising in my mind as a destination, and this seems like the “slightly off the beaten path” Spanish destination. (as opposed to Barcelona and Madrid. Plus, they actually speak Spanish, not Catalan.)
- That said, Barcelona, maybe for this music festival.
- The Black Forest, Germany. Where do you go for that? Maybe Freiburg? Heidelberg?
- Scandinavia. Stockholm? Copenhagen? Kiruna? Reykjavik?

Okay, so there are five trips. Switzerland should be sooner rather than later to have snow, Barcelona would be May 31-June 2 or thereabouts, the Black Forest and Scandinavia should be later rather than sooner to enjoy nice weather, and Sevilla could be anytime, I suppose. (of course, these are not set in stone; all are subject to change due to other plans, changes of mind, and/or bank accounts running right out of moneys.)

Wow, but if I could do all of those, I would be one lucky dude.


Anonymous -

If you’re planning on staying in Europe through the summer (or some of it) you can stay with me in Spain- my cousin’s wife’s family has a beach house there.

Anonymous -

I’ll put in a good word for Stockholm…it’s very “cute,” there’s some amazing stuff to see, the Swedish are very nice, and it’s apparently amazing in the summer (I went in the winter, which I’m not sure I’d recommend). On the other hand, Copenhagen is also pretty awesome, and it’d be a shame to miss Tivoli Gardens in the summer

Southern Spain is incredible–if you’re going to Seville, I’d try to see some other cities in Andalucia as well like Cordoba and Granada (which I thought were a lot prettier than Seville).

I’ve heard from multiple people that Geneva isn’t anything special.

So basically, if I could boil these ramblings down to one point, I would say that if you had to choose only one place, I’d make a multiple-city trip to southern Spain–it’s probably the most amazing place I saw in Europe. Yeeeeee

Adam Jaffizzle

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