Een fiets!

It feels so good to be on a bike again. I got a good used one, for EU$75, from a bike shop. It’s steeper than the EU$30-50 that people say you should pay, but it’s in pretty good shape. It’s probably better than my bike from home. Also, pretty much the only alternative is to buy one from the “junkie”, who is a homeless guy who steals bikes and sells them for like EU$10. Much as I’d like to participate in a local custom (bike theft is like the #3 national sport, after football and korfball), I’ve had a bike stolen, and it kind of sucks a lot, and anyone who steals a bike is pretty much a scummy scummy dude. Kind of like people who honk at cyclists, although nobody does that here, because bikes rule the roads. Rock on.

In other news, I’m going to Brussels and Bruges this weekend. I think I’m going to see a Decemberists concert. I don’t even like the Decemberists that much. Plus, well, you know… and also, one of my friends just backed out, which is lame.

So I’m kind of psyched. But kind of annoyed. We’ll see how it turns out.

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