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Senator hopes to gain clout and support of right-wing American parents by imposing stricter video game ratings

Among the quotes: “It calls for requiring video game rating organizations to play all games “in their entirety” before issuing labels and prohibiting game developers from withholding any “hidden” game content from raters.”

1. Video game rating systems are kind of retarded in the first place, although I can see why parents would want them.

As it is, they’re obnoxious… mostly harmless games get rated “T” and “M”, and come on, video games don’t make kids violent.

But say you were a parent and there were no ratings; how would you deal with your kids buying video games? What if they want to buy a game called (to pick a name from Metacritic) “Burnout Revenge”? How about “Blue Dragon”? “Fuzion Frenzy” sounds violent, but it’s like Tetris… “Ratchet and Clank” could be slang for something awful, or it could be an arcade game about a couple of goofy looking characters. “Phantasy Star Universe” is (I think) a harmless RPG, but it sounds like a porn site.

So what do you do? Do you investigate each game? Your kid would get tired of that rull quick. Do you just trust your kid to make good decisions? That might be a better answer. But what if your little 8 year old is unlocking sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto? Well, your 8 year old would probably just get bored. But you know what I mean. But here’s the reason this bill doesn’t make any goddamn sense:

2. Good luck playing a game like World of Warcraft “in its entirety.”

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