Dutch food is not a barren wasteland!

There is good Dutch food! It just all happens to be mush or dough. And mush is tasty, but you can only take so much; dough is tasty, but it will kill you. For example:

Erwtensoep (thick pea soup, usually with sausage)
Stamppot (potatoes, onions, kale/other greens, whatever vegetables you want, mashed up in a pot, with sausage. Also my favorite Dutch word.)
Hutspot (potatoes, onions, carrots, mashed up in a pot, with sausage)
Hachee (a thick stew that includes beef… I’ve never actually made this correctly or eaten it, so I’m not sure, but it sounds mushy)
Vla (yummy pudding)

Pannenkoeken (pancakes, very big and floury)
Oliebollen (I’ve already raved about these donutty guys)
Wafels (okay, they’re Belgian, but especially here in Limburg (south Netherlands) they’re popular)
Stroopwafels (these are Dutch, I think. Thin little waffles. Still waffles.)
Poffertjes (apparently they’re like little pancakes)
Vlaai (not to be confused with Vla. Vlaai is a simple pie.)

Okay, so herrings are not mush or dough.

The point is, how did the Dutch survive all these years?! How are they not all bored of food and fat? And why don’t they, you know, get a little creative? (the same applies to the Germans, but I think their food is a little more varied. To be fair, they do have a lot more land to work with.) Also, I need a few eaters who don’t like to cook. I can only eat so much food myself. (I’ll really try though!)

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