This is pretty funny

And I think everyone else has probably seen it already:
RIYL: Yacht Rock
Also, in my book, Justin Timberlake has completed his transition from crappy boy-band has-been to pop hero, if only because of this video.

I had all my non-American friends over for dinner last night, meaning 4 small groups of acquaintances, and it all worked out pretty well! It then morphed into a huge party being held by the Italians across the hall. Today I saw the Netherlands American War Cemetery, had a great lunch, and walked through confusing tunnels under Maastricht for a long time, all c/o the CES. Hey, if you like economics, law, psychology, or other things, you could do a lot worse than going to Maastricht. The folks at the CES are really great. By “the folks” I mostly mean Nathalie, who’s in charge of coordinating a lot of stuff.

I’m feeling good.

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