This makes me wish I was back in America

I mean, not really. But it would be a cool thing to do if I were in America.
Dismemberment Plan Reunites
These guys played the best concert I have ever seen. (Although Tally Hall comes in a close second.) If you’re in Pittsburgh, it’s only 4 hours away. Look, I took a 4 hour trip this weekend, and that was just little old me traveling on train-bus-train and staying in a hostel, going to a city not much bigger than Cleveland because I thought maybe I should see some windmills. (More on this trip later.) You don’t have much of an excuse not to go to this show.

Plus you could go to Plaza Garibaldi.


yincrash -

tickets are sold out. i think they sold out w/in the first hour they were sold.

when a good band gets together for one benefit show, chances are that it’s going to be impossible to get tickets.

Dan -

Okay, so I guess that’s an excuse. Lame!

Dan -

But look at this:
a second show!
If this is your thing, check the website obsessively and give it a shot. (I mean, I would. I don’t know if this actually is any of this blog’s readers' thing.)

yincrash -


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