Here's an article about a guy who is "happy"

A real champ, and also, I like this magazine.

But somehow, it seems like the same old story. I feel like I know everything I’d need to know to get pretty well enlightened; I just have to go make these changes in my life. What I mean is that reading more isn’t going to do it for me. Maybe that’s true, maybe not.

One thing that reading more will help: what am I going to do with my life? Ideally I’ll stumble on a really cool problem, dive into it, research it for a bunch of years, come out with a few extra letters after my name, and be a happy, erudite, often-teaching Professor. Slightly less ideally I’ll get a job at a software giant, rise through the ranks, and be a happy, productive, rich Computer Guy. Even more ideally, I’ll spend a few years traveling the world until I get sick of it, write the Alex Grubb Book of Things That Are The Best, and settle down into one of the tracks above. In reality, I’ll bounce between options for a bunch of years, and then find it. Hmm.

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