Let's throw the word "emo" around some more. Also, "carb."

Panic at the Disco isn’t emo, guys, really!

That’s like a black guy in the pre-civil-war South saying “hey guys, I’m not black!”, with the difference being that there’s nothing inherently wrong with being black.

More accurately, it’d be like a pack of Spamsicles (a Spamsicle being still hypothetical, but you never know) yelling out “There are no carbs at all in us!” It’s false, but it’s almost true. However, saying it is unnecessary; furthermore, they only feel compelled to say it because all their contemporaries are being bashed for having these evil little “carb” monsters lurking about. Finally, it entirely misses the point.

Speaking of carbs, what’s the deal? Is the current low-carb, high-protein craze (which has gone beyond the Atkins diet and seeped into a lot of consciousnesses, like mine) correct? Or is it like the 90’s low-fat craze, which has seeped into not only consciousnesses but also everything, with the result being that low-fat stuff is still all around us, despite the yelps of every doctor ever, who really would like to emphasize that unsaturated fats are good for you? Will proteins soon become the next fats, and carbohydrates glorified as the new Grand High Macronutrient? What IS the right balance, calorie-wise, of carbs/fats/proteins? Is it the seemingly sensible (to an Atkins-influenced mind) 40/30/30, or the old-fashioned 60/30/10? And will these three titans battle it out in their inflatable gladiator jousting bouncy room until the end of time, or will the doctors blow the whistle and kindly inform them it doesn’t even matter?

Meanwhile, the Germans will continue to cut out that second level of the food pyramid (you know, the one with all the foods of green and other colors) and replace it with beer, and still be somewhat relatively more healthy than us?

Report (and pictures) from the Black Forest coming up, but first, there’s studying to be done, and a filthy room to be cleaned.

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