Aaahh just kidding!

Sorry! By “Wednesday” of course I meant “next Wednesday after I get back from Morocco” and by that I mean “later tonight actually Wednesday night because right now it’s still kinda Tuesday” and I am still tired from staying up two nights out of four and my stomach is finally saying to me “WHAT you ate a sheep’s head and snails for dinner and followed it up with chicken from a shady Casablanca joint at 2 AM oh my god you are getting sick now” (thank you mr. stomach for not messing with me while I was actually in Morocco) and update later don’t hurt me.

In the meantime, check the photos, even though they’re pretty darn inadequate to describe all the neat-o goodstoryriffic things that happened.

wuv, Dan
who still harbors the dual illusion that: A. people read this thing, and B. said people care if I update ever


Anonymous -

I read it!

Pete -

Reading this @ now

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