It's nice to know that some things remain constant

Like, even if I’m in some foreign country for a couple weeks, and even if I get kinda sick and don’t want to eat anything at all period, I can still polish off any box of cereal in three days.

I’m mostly better now, though. Tomorrow I’m off to Madrid, and then Bratislava on Tuesday, and then home on Friday. It will be very nice!

Not that sickness and homesickness are the one headline from my trip to Spain, though. Here are some headlines that are more appropriate:

The Sagrada Familia: it’s The Best.

I’m Staying in a $14 Hostel with a View that People Would Pay $1400 For

Churros with Chocolate? Are You Kidding?!

I Saw All These Great Bands Like For Serious.

See you folks in a week!

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