You don't know how lucky you are

I’m back in the US of A. Made it safe and sound. Then began a whirlwind of family visiting, starting with a welcome-home/birthday party surprise for me, and continuing by hanging out with the family all weekend. (NOTA BENE it’s father’s day tomorrow so do something nice for dad I guess; Dillard’s would suggest that you buy him some nice pants so he can play golf)

First impressions of back home:
- Glad to be back, yeah yeah, family and friends, and free water in a restaurant and you know.
- Everything is so wasteful! Everything! I can’t drive without getting mad at the amount of concrete all over the place; I can’t clean my room because there’s so much paper that I’m throwing out that I should be recycling; I can’t buy things in stores because they keep giving me so many plastic bags. Maybe this is the “reverse culture shock.” Maybe it’s unrelated to Europe. Maybe it’s me getting on my pretentious environmental high horse, which, let’s be honest, I have no right to even own the saddle of.
- I am going to set a bunch of goals for the next two weeks, and they will pass without me accomplishing a single one. Aaargh!
- I still really like cereal. Look out, Frosted Mini Wheats!

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