AAAAAAaaaaaaaaa Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

NO SPOILER ALERT. Look, I’m not going to put spoilers on my blog, a week after the book came out. You can read this, don’t worry.

What I will say is that I’m sorry it’s over. I think that’s the longest series I’ve ever read. (if you’ve read a longer one, let me know!) I mean, if you count Hardy Boys and stuff, I probably read more of those back in the day, but they were like 100 pages each, and not a continuous story.

Whoop, check that, I read the Wheel of Time, which is like 10 books of 1000 pages each. But by about book 7, they got kinda boring because nobody would do anything.

I got attached to the characters! And the whole world! The level I got drawn into that world was somewhere on the level of Final Fantasy VII or Chrono Trigger, and if you’re a geek, you know that means something. More than the Wheel of Time, for sure. It felt like a good RPG: good characters, story, and a lot of fun items and spells along the way.

I was a little disappointed by the ending; the last chapter in particular. And the epilogue. But whatever; at that point it was seven books of history crashing down and JK could have had Harry Wingardium-leviosa a jar of jelly to smack Voldemort in the face, and I wouldn’t have cared.

One more thing: wasn’t it a cool phenomenon? It was pretty much accepted that you were reading this book, no matter who you are. It was also pretty much accepted that you can’t talk about it if there are people around who haven’t finished it. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Okay, make that two more things. Here’s a comparison: J.K. Rowling is the Beatles of books. Sure, we’ve had popular novels before, but nothing to get everyone reading like Harry Potter did. Similarly, we had music before the Beatles, but everyone listened to the Beatles. Harry Potter and the Beatles are both easily consumed, like so much candy, but they both have some depth behind them too. (the Beatles more than J.K., probably, but hey, time will tell) She’s no Shakespeare, but the Beatles aren’t Mozart. They’re both the best at what they do: J.K . Rowling is the best popular novelist, and the Beatles are the best rock and roll band.

So what’s next? Will books evolve and flourish like Rock and Roll has? If so, it’s an exciting time to be a reader!

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