So, being a full-fledged adult, I think it’d be pretty classy to learn to mix drinks. In my ideal world, I’d go to bartending school for a couple weeks, but then, in my ideal world, I’m an executive chef at the Wootraunt*. So I’ll buy a book and teach myself. Fine. If I’m going to learn to mix drinks, I also need to start a liquor collection, because I don’t own any. I’ve budgeted $100 to buy a few bottles, to get me started. Okay, cool.
* the Wootraunt is the (sadly, still hypothetical) restaurant that works on the Woot.com business model, where they sell one thing, which is high-quality and cheap, until it’s sold out.

Anyway, I worked eight hours today, and my hourly rate is $12.50. 8 * $12.50 = $100.

Now, you can look at this however you want, but here’s my take on it: today, I was working for booze!

That makes me feel like a real winner. Also, “Silent Shout” by The Knife. ROCKS.


Gerrit -

Note: do not buy a book, go to the library! You can put the money you’ll save towards some quality irish cream!

Or: I think there’s a website out there where you can select what kinds of liquor you have, and it will tell you what sorts of mixed drinks you can make. That may be all you really need.

Dan -

In general, true! However, in specific, false.

Reference books are good to have around. I don’t want to pay for some dude’s collection of recipes, because I can get that online. However, I will pay for a guide to making drinks that I can keep around, that will tell me all the ins and outs of what I need to know, and that I can quickly consult.

For example, I just bought a book about vegetables (“Farmer John’s Cookbook”) that tells me everything about storing and cooking each vegetable, when they’re in season, and a few recipes on the side. I’d love to have something like that for drinks.

And boy is Irish Cream good.

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