Fence blogging = flogging?

Nope. Fence dancing = fancing? I’ve been big on combining words recently.

I’ve also been at the fence. It’s been nice. We (SnS) built a little house out of flats. It’s got a roof and everything. By “we” I mostly mean Julie, Elliot, Daniel, and Kevin, because I didn’t help much with the building. I did make dinner at one point though. It’s kind of fun, being part of this big ol' hoo hah tradition, although I suspect it’s only fun because we’re just hanging out in our little hut, and doing things like eating big trays of fruit left over from OC training.

Did I mention I went to New Hampshire too? With Kemal and Adam. We visited Pete at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. Neat place, mountain next to it, that’s cool. I am not super outdoorsy! Surprise! I was real tired by a 10 mile hike up and down that mountain. My friends were not fazed- they started up a soccer game right afterwards. There was something I was going to say about this. I forgot what it was.

Going to go do an International Orientation thing. I’m a helper with International Orientation. I guess it’s cool.

Oh, by the way, why did I EVER think about being an OC (for the real orientation)? That is the dumbest shit ever! All that fake enthusiasm and retarded cheers and motivational talks. I think especially the cheers.
“My head’s up high, my feet down low, and this is how I gigolo”?? (in chess notation, they write “??” after a move if it’s like a super bad blunder. (EDIT: I wrote “they right ?? …” before. Who does that?!)) Anyway, that doesn’t make any goddamn sense. Here’s one:
When I sleep, I like to snore, and this is how I whore!
Here’s my head, and here’s my butt, and this is how I slut!

How about “Show us how to get down” “No way!” “I said, show us how to get down!” “Okay! D-O-W-N and that’s the way to get down!” Also dumb. I wish you could apply that argumentation to different parts of life:
“Hey officer, I wasn’t going that fast, let me off with a warning!”
“No way!”
“I said, let me off with a warning!”
“Okay! W-A-R-N-I-N-G; no ticket for you, you’re going free!” (dances)

Good lord, they’re practicing their inspirational speeches now. God help us.

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