God don't let me be a snob

If I had to make a prayer right now, it would sound something like that. Aargh. In practicing the hobbies that I like (for example, cooking and learning to mix drinks), I’ve developed this sort of food-snobby attitude. I can’t fathom why people are content to buy premade foods and shop at Wal-Mart and drink Bud Light and so on. This is my problem, not theirs; to each his own. But the more I hang around Real Adults, the more I realize that food (and drink) snobbery doesn’t make you unique, it just makes you another Whole Foods Asshole.

Yes, I like nice food; if you say stuff like “organic cage-free locally grown farmers market” enough, I’ll get all hot and bothered. I also think everyone should buy organic cage-free locally grown farmers market stuff all the time. But so many people are real pompous about it, and I’d rather subsist on frozen pizzas from Aldi than sit around and chit-chat with people who try to hide their unhappiness behind a conversation about how happy they are that they’re paying double for a Certified Organic seal.

The point is: I’ll keep going on my merry way, but please, if I’m being a snob, smack me around a little bit so I realize not EVERYONE cares how great those blueberries were. Or whatever.

I feel like there’s more to this post that maybe I’ll expand some other time. Right now, it’s past my bedtime.

EDIT: What’s wrong with people pretending to be better than others? Nothing, inherently. I mean, if guy A is an ass, and guy B is a good guy, there’s nothing wrong with B thinking he’s better than A. But the thing with food snobs/organic snobs/etc is that they’re not saving the world. They just buy different things. And “saving the world through buying different things” is like donating lots of money to charity… it rings hollow. It’s nice, but it really doesn’t do that much. Does it? If you want to be green/environmental/whatever, don’t buy a hybrid and organic beans; downsize your house to a condo somewhere. Stop eating so damn much.

Still just thoughts swirling in my head, and not a coherent argument for or against anything yet. And my rice has just finished cooking so I better go save it.

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